Establish a Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive maintenance is a critical aspect of operating an effective battery management program.

Battery maintenance and inspection activities around the world depend heavily on Midtronics test equipment to determine the state-of-health of each battery and battery string. Inadequate equipment maintenance can lead to excess analyzer wear and failures that can create unplanned delays, expenses and downtime in scheduled testing.

We offer extended preventive maintenance plans to ensure analyzers are properly maintained and have the latest software and test algorithm updates. The Stationary Power division of Midtronics provides support by scheduling routine analyzer certification and calibration to satisfy internal quality or management system requirements.

All preventive maintenance programs include:

  • Full analyzer cleaning and inspection including replacement of keypad and overlay
  • Software and test algorithm update providing the most current battery diagnostics available
  • Integrity verification of all critical internal and external connections
  • Cable replacement options
  • Replacement of internal battery if remaining capacity is below specifications
  • Verification of critical PCB component integrity
  • Certification and calibration against NIST traceable standards with a Certificate of Calibration and Conformance containing:
  • Analyzer ID numbers and customer purchase order reference information
  • Before and after test data
  • Software and parts used if necessary
  • List of ANSI traceable test equipment used during the calibration process
  • Critical environmental variables
  • Approval documentation


Preventive maintenance programs

1 year – includes 72 hour guaranteed turnaround service
2 years (annual) – includes 48 hour guaranteed turnaround service
5 years (annual) – includes 24 hour guaranteed turnaround service

Establishing a preventive maintenance program protects and extends the life of the investment made in test equipment. Improve efficiency and minimize unplanned delays and expenses by replacing wear items before they fail. Preventive maintenance programs are offered on all new and select used Midtronics CELLTRON Ultra, Advanced, Essential, and Advantage analyzer platforms. Maintaining the analyzer is critical for reliable performance.

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