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A commitment to you

Midtronics Stationary Power is committed to providing you with high quality products and services. Our customer support team is available to answer any questions you may have on product performance, features, and battery testing standards and best practices. We also offer Preventive Maintenance Programs and Extended Warranties on many of our testing platforms to ensure your testers are properly maintained throughout the life of the testers.

Contact customer service at 1-800-776-1995 between 7:00am and 5:00pm CST, Monday through Friday. You can also email us at or fill out the form at the link below.

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Effective 5/1/2017 our service department will no longer be able to repair handheld tester units produced prior to 1/1/2009.
The first 4 digits of our S/N are MMYY of manufacture date; 
0707123456 is from July of 2007 
1208123456 is from December of 2008
All units with 6 digit serial numbers would have been produced prior to 2005 and are no longer eligible for service.

For replacement/trade in options and details please 

Contact Your Regional Sales Manager

For questions/concerns please 

Contact Customer Service


Return Policy

Our basic repair policy includes 72 hour service turnaround, starting from the time we receive the unit and ending at the time we ship the unit back to you.

Many of our Preventive Maintenance Programs and Extended Warranty Plans include service turnaround times as fast as 24 hours. If this is necessary for your return, please work with our customer support team to make arrangements.

Your serviced product will be shipped back to you using the same method as the incoming shipment. For example, if you send the unit to us via FedEx Ground, it will be returned to you via FedEx Ground.

All warranty returns will be returned to you with freight prepaid by Midtronics

Schedule A Repair

To Obtain Service or to Schedule Maintenance
If you have questions on your battery tester or monitoring system's performance, features, or are in need of service, please use the following process:

Consult the instruction manual for information on product functionality. The instruction manual also includes additional information on:

  • Using reference values
  • Testing FAQs
  • Technical specifications
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

To request a Return Authorization (RA), please contact customer service at 1-800-776-1995 between 7:00am and 5:00pm CST, Monday through Friday. You can also email us at or fill out the form at the link below.

Request RA

RA Shipping Instructions

When sending in an RA:

  • Always contact Midtronics first
  • Include documentation for the returned unit to allow for prompt tracking and processing upon return
  • Include proof of purchase information in the shipping documentation for all warranty returns
  • Print the RA number that you receive from customer service on the return box and/or shipping document


RA Shipping Addresses

Return the unit to Midtronics, freight prepaid to the applicable address for your geographic location:

North America, South America, & Asia Pacific

Midtronics, Inc.
RA# __________________________________
7000 Monroe Street
Willowbrook, IL 60527
Tel: 800-776-1995
Fax: 630-323-2844

Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa, & the Middle East

Midtronics, Inc.
RA# __________________________________
Hoofdveste 6-8
3992 DG Houten
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-306-868-150
Fax: +31-306-868-158