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"We've been able to teach the world a new way to test batteries. We've been able to take the lead in this industry and, because we have high market share, we're compelled to find new solutions."
-Steve McShane, Midtronics President & CEO

A People First Approach

Our founder’s philosophy represents the fundamental approach to business on which Midtronics was built.  In all of our business practices we look to achieve the following:

  1. Build trust, collaboration and teamwork
  2. Create customer value with our innovative technologies and exceptional service
  3. Put quality before profits
  4. Invest in people and the future of our business

Core Values

Our core values are the translation of our Founder’s Philosophy into the actions and behaviors we expect of ourselves and each other.  Midtronics believes the success of our business depends on building a team with strong values including:


Our creative spirit is fueled by listening, experimenting, learning and understanding.


We act with courage, empathy and conviction while taking ownership and empowering people to exceed expectations.


We conduct business with respect, openness, honesty and high ethical standards.


We build strong, collaborative relationships that unlock great potential and unique value.


“I’m very proud of the fact I’ve been able to take a technology and create categories for products that have become the standard of the industry worldwide.”
-Steve McShane, Midtronics President & CEO

Quality & Patents

Midtronics is committed to a quality management system that continually improves our processes. Our goal is to provide products and services that our customers will regard as the most reliable and best value in the industry.

Our team utilizes aspects of TQM, Cost of Quality, Lean, and Six Sigma, among other quality management tools, to provide a culture of continual improvement.

Midtronics is founded on innovation and technical expertise. The company's 30 year history has produced a significant portfolio of patents and other intellectual property that are at the heart of new products and technologies for effective battery management.