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Higher Employee Demand

Larger networks mean a higher demand on employee time. Reports and analyses can take a back burner to more urgent tasks.

Service provides can’t take on more clients because techs have to go out to each site, test the batteries, then go back to their office and spend time creating reports. Service providers that contract with many companies need to be able to segment information and assign it to specific reps.

Efficient time management

Employee time is reserved for more urgent tasks with the implementation of management software. These Software as a Services (SaaS) options include automated monitoring and analysis of backup battery systems and facilities operations.

Improved internal resource efficiency is a necessity. Our highly efficient handheld test process takes 50% less time than other analyzers on the market. Software updates can be completed quickly and accurately in the field.

Test Every Battery

Automatic configuration using our testers and Celltraq software saves time and guarantees uniformity across sites. Monitoring provides the state-of-health of all of the batteries at a given site, making it easy for techs to know when there is a potential problem at one of their assigned locations.

world-class service

Franklin Electric can provide a critical, cost saving solution for stationary power battery system analysis and maintenance. We have experts standing by that will answer your questions and recommend the solution that is right for you.