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"The Internet of Things is projected to reach 5 billion “things” in 2015" (Gartner, 2014).

The Internet of Things

With an increase in telecom devices comes an increase in the need for service continuity. If service goes out, customers will seek out other service providers.

A loss of backup power during an outage can cause not only lost business, but also lost employee productivity and costly repairs. However, replacing backup batteries based on a specific calendar is inefficient. Many of the batteries may still have a lot of life left in them. This is money lost.

Test Your Batteries

Using monitoring and testing equipment can ensure battery state-of-health to prevent critical power loss.

Battery analyzers allow you to test your batteries before simply throwing them away. With testing, you can easily make cost-effective decisions regarding which batteries actually need to be replaced.

Employee time is reserved for more urgent tasks with the implementation of management software. These Software as a Service (SaaS) options include automated monitoring and analysis of backup battery systems and facilities operations.

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