NERC Compliance Made Easy 

Midtronics battery analyzers, monitoring equipment and data management options make compliance with new NERC standards quick and easy.

Midtronics CELLTRON Analyzers capture conductance (Ohmic measurement), voltage and temperature

  • Data for each battery captured in seconds and recorded for printed records or electronic data storage and analysis.
  • Use of Midtronics Analyzers has been proven over decades of field experience as an effective means of assessing battery state of health.

CELLGUARD Battery Monitoring automatically captures, analyzes, reports & alerts:

  • Conductance
  • Voltage
  • Individual jar temperature
  • Intercell connection integrity

CELLTRAQ, BATTERYNET and FACILITYWARE Data Management programs provide the secure, effective and automated means for:

  • Multiple site data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Automated document compliance with regulations
  • Eliminating the administrative hassle and human error manual systems introduce

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