Quality Commitment

Midtronics is committed to a quality management system to continually improve our processes with the goal of providing products and services that our customers will regard as the most reliable and best value in the industry. We began formalizing these processes in 1997 to align with the ISO-9001:1994 standard and achieved our first quality certificate for this standard through DNV Certification. This served as an excellent foundation for our quality management system, and in 1999 we added QS-9000:1998 to continually improve this foundation.

Our current quality management system is based on US ISO-9001:2000 and EU ISO-9001:2008, and our team utilizes aspects of TQM, Cost of Quality, Lean, and Six Sigma among other quality management tools to provide a culture of continual improvement.


Download PDF   Midtronics US ISO-9001:2008


Download PDF    Midtronics BV ISO-9001:2008

Commitment to the Environment

Further, Midtronics is concerned about the environment and our impact on it. As such, Midtronics has also gained certification to the environmental standards US  ISO-14001:2004 and EU ISO-14001:2004.


Download PDF   Midtronics US ISO-14001:2004


Download PDF    Midtronics BV ISO-14001:2004

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