Innovation Begins at Midtronics


In 1989, Midtronics developed the first analog product for testing stationary batteries using a variation of the automotive tester with a frequency more appropriate for stationary batteries. Midtronics had been contacted by a number of telecommunications companies who desired a product designed to test batteries in their DC power systems. 

Prior to this, the only means of testing batteries was timed-discharge testing, which was challenging, expensive and cumbersome. Midtronics offered a simple and cost-effective means of testing batteries in these systems and established their position in stationary batteries.

Over the next 10 years, Midtronics responded to a variety of challenges by conducting extensive research which was documented in various technical papers presented to organizations including the International Telecommunication Energy Conference (INTELEC). These papers showed a direct correlation between a battery’s conductance and timed-discharge capacity. Conductance technology has since been adopted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) as a standard, based on Midtronics research.

Midtronics Gadget

In 1996, Midtronics worked with British Telecom to develop the first digital battery tester, the MicroCelltron. Further development resulted in the Celltron Ultra, which has since become the standard in both the telecommunications and Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) marketplace. The Ultra product solved the problem of testing in the presence of high AC currents in UPS applications. Continued concentration on stationary and other industrial battery applications led to the developments in Discrete Frequency Immitance Spectroscopy and Digital Frequency Response Analysis along with advanced algorithms, wireless communications technologies and more that form the basis of Midtronics research and development as Midtronics continues to build from its strong foundation of patented technologies.

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